Safety Boxes

We offer a rich range of products of foreign and English labels which meet the needs and requirements of each business, residence, Office, etc.

Heavy duty safes, wall-mounted, floor standing, in wall, accounting, software, fireproof, with bulletproof glass, with time delay and others. Combine consistent quality, high functionality, durability, and we offer what the season needs, we do upgrades to existing safes with locks and mechanisms for new technology. We supply and support our products and in the areas of transportation, installation, repair, rehabilitation and operation burst.

The safe is the safer alternative after the Bank to safe from burglary or fire. Forget the traditional hiding places of style ‘under the mattress’, ‘in the drawer with the underwear’ or ‘on top of the wardrobe’. Except that these are the first place you look for one, provide no protection whatsoever in cash or valuables in case of fire or flood. The safe is in no way a consumable product and the more likely it is that you’ll have at home for several years. Therefore, before you proceed to purchase any charge you should consider the following:

  • What do you want to protect (archives, cash, valuables, etc.) and from what (burglary, flood, fire, etc.)? There are safes stable and resistant to fracturing, which are manufactured in different sizes and protect cash and valuables from burglary and fire usually providing watertight and fire safes files or digital information, which is specially designed to protect valuable data either personally, or computers. Finally, there are special safe boxes which protect against theft and fire.
  • Where will be placed the safe? If you are building a home or are you willing to do construction work, then it would be better to choose a built-in safe, while if you want quick and easy fitting then you can choose a wall safe with more depth than the flush mounted. The last are usually placed inside closets, attics or anywhere can build internally with security bolts.
  • What will be the volume of valuable items that you want to keep? It would be nice to buy a safety deposit box a little bigger than your current needs, because it is very likely in the future to use it to save additional items.
  • How will locks? Here you have to choose between key, electronic combination, mechanical combination and combinations of … combinations, such as, for example, key and combination. The option of electronic combination is considered to be the most secure, and there will be no need to have your key with you, or be afraid of losing it or steal it from you.

Once you have answered the above questions, then you can now select the box that fits your needs.