Central Monitoring Station

Our Company is collaborating with Hellas Monitoring. Hellas Monitoring, a central Alarm System Monitoring Station and image capture and Video, with modern equipment and highly trained personnel, combines the personal energy and collective action, with effectiveness, with a view to protecting and safeguarding of your property 24 hours/365 days.


The upward trend is due to the effort we do to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, offering the best possible services. The area is protected with our State of the art alarm systems for better protection and security of the site.


The station consists of three ultra-modern malls station OSBORNE HOFFMAN with American in origin, consisting of 40 active phone lines, 2 GSM lines and 2 receiving signals via INTERNET cards.


Hellas Monitoring monitors the developments and in particular the development of broadband network (ADSL) in Greece, provides you with the capability of your internet security systems resulting in the Elimination of the cost of calls.


In addition, for the smooth operation of the Hellas Monitoring is covered by three power 40KW generator, as well as from 2 6KVA UPS. State-of-the-art Servers utilizes for support of ultra-modern SIS program Made in USA